Expressing Breast Milk
You know breast milk is best for your baby, yet sometimes you need to use a bottle. Expressing milk from your breasts and storing it in baby bottles can be difficult for many mothers. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Following the preparations below may aid you in this process:

1. Choose the time of the day when your breasts are at their fullest to express your milk. Morning seems to be the best time for most women. Expect to collect milk about every 3 hours for about 30 minutes each time.

2. Thoroughly wash all of your breast-pumping equipment as per the manufacturer's instructions. Make it a habit to clean the equipment immediately after each use. This helps keep the items easier to wash each time.

3. If you are new to expressing breast milk, it may help to select a quiet and comfortable place that has few distractions. You will want privacy, so, if you are at work, be sure that you have a private room that you can use.

4. Drink a full glass of liquid before beginning each time. Milk, water, soup, tea # all of them work fine. Warmer drinks may more beneficial in stimulating your milk to let-down. Although alcoholic drinks are not indicated for use before expressing, if you need help relaxing they may be an option for you. If this is the case, then be sure to consult your doctor.

5. Meditation or a relaxation technique of your choice can help relax your body. It is helpful if you do it immediately before extracting the milk. Even watching TV or listening to calming music is helpful.

6. If you are having trouble stimulating a let-down, then you may want to view something that puts you in mind of your of your baby. Look at a photo of your little baby, have your baby in the room with you, etc.

7. Some women have difficulty in getting pumping results. If this is the case for you, ask your doctor about an nasal spray containing oxytocin. This spray helps to induce a let-down.

Expressing your breastmilk does not have to be an ordeal. Just follow these simple steps. If you still have trouble expressing breastmilk after you've given these a try, consult your physician or a trained breastfeeding consultant.